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With an urge to take handcrafted finesse to a new high, inspired by the the rich culture & poetic verses of India, trained in Fashion Luxury at the Creative Academy, Milan & NIFT, New Delhi, Mrinalini Chandra worked at Tanishq (New Delhi) and Mont Blanc (Germany) before launching her own label in India.

Working on custom projects relating to multiple facets of design, the designer is best known for her strikingly unique ideas, beautifully translated to three-dimensional products. Her strength lies in handcrafting brilliance combined with modern aesthetics. Her training at the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy has given an edge to her design sensibilities. However, the aspect of a glorious rendezvous with remains of history, from a very early age in India, always reflects in her work and expressions.

Mrinalini's creations can be defined as an eclectic range of whimsical, slightly modern, slightly ancient, Jewellery Couture and High Fashion Accessories.



Imagine you are on a vacation and all you want to do is pick up a book and read on  a hammock all day long, overlooking a beach. It’s the sound of a perfect break, a content smile. You collect a few pebbles on your way back and save them as keepsakes.

We want to collect what gives us lightest joys. It takes us to happiness. Everyone has these little moments/fantasies/dreams stocked for life in his/her aspiration jar.

It might be of moments pre-lived or moments aspired. It could be the very daydream or a treasured desire.

The sudden rush, that little moment that holds your breath till you are back from the little escape, revisiting your secure little world in your memories/dreams.

It’s about understanding what is precious to you and why and how it needs to be protected. How your secret needs to live untold. How it lives a 100 lives in your house. Between your books, embroidered on your pillow, sown in your collar, jewelled in your ring, so on... It is about that emotion that you want to reflect on YOU, through what you carry on you.

My creation for you will be uniquely yours. It’s your proud ensemble. It talks to you while swinging by your ears or wrapped around your wrist. It invites thoughts about you. It’s a conversation starter.

It could belong to a gypsy nomad who impulsively shot a pair of shooting stars and wore them in her tangled braid all her life or a genius banker who calculates every single minute and plans the folds on her skirt while you think she is indulging in casual talks.

She who owns it must daydream, think, love and indulge.



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