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In a groundbreaking collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week in 2014, Mrinalini Chandra introduced the PLEASE HAVE A SEAT collection, a transformative exploration that turned the simplicity of everyday chairs into intricately designed jewelry. This debut marked a significant breakthrough, earning widespread acclaim for its innovative fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Beyond being a mere fashion statement, PLEASE HAVE A SEAT stood as an audacious testament to Mrinalini's unique ability to draw inspiration from the ordinary, encouraging viewers to appreciate the beauty in the most unexpected places. This collection showcased not only the artistry of jewelry design but also the power of reimagining the familiar into extraordinary works of wearable art.


Mrinalini Chandra's Shakuntala Collection, showcased at Lakme Fashion Week, is a testament to her artistic brilliance. Inspired by the natural world, the jewelry pieces elegantly capture the essence of fish, moths, monkeys, butterflies, and flowers. This collection seamlessly blends fashion and art, presenting wearable masterpieces that celebrate the interconnected beauty of nature. Each piece is a captivating expression of Mrinalini Chandra's creativity and technical prowess.


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